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Simulation Rocket Shooting Mortar Toy

Simulation Rocket Shooting Mortar Toy

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Enhance Your Kid's Skills And Creativity In The Most Fun Way Possible!

With this Simulation Rocket Shooting Mortar Toy, your kids will leave their smartphones and gadgets to go out and play! The Simulation Mortar Toy is not just a cool toy, but its missiles can also be launched! It includes three sponge missiles that won't hurt the child. The kids will also refine their targeting skills, distance, and angular judgment in the most fun way possible!


AUDIBLE AND VISUAL FUNCTION - Turn on the control switch of the barrel and the projectile, and then put the projectile into the gun and then launch the missile, it will make sound and light effects.
ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT - The height of the barrel and the angle of launch of the projectile can be adjusted by the knob, and the bombing can be fixed.
FUN WAY TO BOND WITH YOUR KIDS - You can play a soldier game or a military theme party with your kids, and they will definitely fall in love with it.
SAFE MISSILE RANGE - Considering the safety of the child, we designed a range of about 6m. The missiles won't hurt the child's body.


Material: ABS
Color: Random Color
Age Range: > 3 years old


1 x Simulation Rocket Shooting Mortar Toy
3 x Sponge Missiles

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